Information on your Caravan Holiday at Butlins Minehead and COVID-19

Latest Update 24th February 2021

Butlins Minehead Lakeside Caravan Park will reopen on Monday 12th April

Breaks from 12th April up until the 17th May 2021 will be Family Getaways - Butlins main resort will not be open at this time, however The Highwayman venue will be providing an outdoor bar area, serving drinks and meals from 1pm to early evening.

There will also be free, unlimited afternoon activities and games for children of all ages for caravan guests - Ninebots, football coaching, pedal karts, just to name a few, to keep you entertained this spring. Daily information on activity times will be advertised in The Highwayman family pub.

Butlins Main Holiday Resort will open on 17th May

All being well Butlins will reopen on 17th May, and Caravan guests will be able to enjoy Butlins resort facilties - Traditional Fairground, Skyline Pavilion, Arcades, Activities, Supermarket and on-resort restaurants and bars, but due to social distancing, access to Butlins bookable shows, activities and Splash will not be permitted at this time. This will be reviewed periodically, and we will let you know when this changes.

From Monday 17th May to 20th June we will still be booking our Breaks as Family Getaways - with limited access to the Butlins facilities, should Butlins Bookable facilites ie Shows, Swimming etc. become available to our guests, then your holiday can be upgraded to include this 

Breaks booked after the 20th June 2021

Hopefully guests booked to arrive after 20th June will have full access to the Butlins facilities, shows, swimming etc. So our advertised prices at this time take this into account, if after the 20th June this isn't the case then our guests will have the option to downgrade their break with a reduction in the price to compenstate for this, move their break to a later date or have a refund.

So you can book your holiday confident in the knowledge that you will have options to choose from should thing not go to plan.

Family Caravan Holidays at Butlins Coronavirus Guarantee

If your holiday can't go ahead because Butlins Resort is closed you will be entitlted to a full refund


Due to the increasing uncertainty with the Covid-19 crisis we have taken the decision to close the caravans down for the season earlier than normal and we will reopen again in March 2021.

Any guests that have holidays booked for the remainder of 2020 should have now received an email with your options, if you haven’t been contacted please call us on 07767721988 – please note this contact number is for guests that have booked a static caravan, not a Butlins apartment, chalet, hotel or Sun holiday.


We very much hope that 2021 will be a better year, and will allow everybody to get back to normal and enjoy some time away together, but we want to reassure you that should holidays not be able to go ahead due to Coronavirus then guests that have booked a static caravan through Family Caravan Holidays will not be out of pocket. We will give our guests the option of a full refund or a change of holiday date.

So with this is mind why not book your Butlins Caravan Holiday early, click on the link below for all dates and prices for 2021 

Any change of holiday date will be subject to the dates you want being available, should you chosen date be a lesser value than the original booked date we will refund the different / amend the price, should you chosen date be a higher value then you will be responsible for paying the shortfall.

As stated in our terms and conditions we would like to remind guests to purchase your own Holiday Insurance as there is no Insurance included in the price.